How to connect the operator to the SPEXE?
First we need to download and install any Jabber client software from the list in section help. Then add code operator to the site, you can do it yourself or contact us, we will help. Next, you must configure the client application and enter under your username and password (you get them by e-mail from us).

How to configure client software?

There are only two main parameters: username of your operator in the system and password .
You can see them in your personal account.
For example we will use and password password.
Once you have downloaded and installed the client software from the help ,
you must start it and Add Account Jabber.
Usually there is a field Jabber ID , there is entered your Jabber-ID, namely:
In the Password box (or Password ) write your password in this example: password
That's all, now you can connect to the system.
Some client software require to separately specify the server, username and password.
Then in the login field, writing as in our example: login without @ , and password into the field: password
In Server or host, write without WWW.

Setting Up Logo / Photo, names and other data of your operators

All this can be configured via jabber - vCard.
Each JID (jabber ID ) can have its own settings.
Details about the fields :
Full Name : Operator name in the title.
Given Name : Operator name in chat messages.
E-mail : Operator E-mail where to send the OFFLINE message.
Organization Name : Name of organization title.
Organization Unit : Post employee , such as "Consultant".
Description : write your greeting , save , and it will appear if you are a visitor or within the first 5 seconds of that does not write , you will be notified about it. If you can not find the field Description , you can use the field Street .
Avatar of operator or photo is loaded through the client software as usual , you can replace your avatar logo if desired .